SSD Prices May Drop In The First Quarter

It was reported that in the first months of 2021, consumer and enterprise class SSD prices will decline by 10% to 15%. However, decreases in RAM prices can also be seen.

There are six major 3D NAND manufacturers and a number of flash memory suppliers in the world today. All these manufacturers are in fierce competition with each other for both market share and technology leadership.

These companies regularly increase the number of layers (bit density) while optimizing new memory architectures (such as QLC, PLC) for specific applications. In addition, 3D NAND capabilities continue to grow steadily as products become in demand.

Decrease in SSD Prices

TrendForce analysts predict that prices for consumer and server SSDs will drop 10% to 15% in the next quarter. First of all, PC manufacturers are said to have plenty of SSDs in stock. Second, 3D NAND vendors are actively sending samples of 1xx layer 3D NAND chips to SSD manufacturers, supporting them for the release of new drives.

On the other hand, it was stated that traditionally PC manufacturers decreased their computer production in the first quarter due to the seasonal decrease. Ultimately, the demand for components such as memory and SSDs is falling and prices are pulling down.

Finally, PC manufacturers are said to have pre-orders already available. In any case, TrendForce predicts that SSD prices will decline around 10-15% in the first quarter.

Power Failure in Micron

It was said that there had been a power outage at Micron plants in the past weeks and that 10% of the production could be negatively affected. Therefore, it was discussed that this situation would affect the prices negatively.

If we look at the new report, there will be a downward trend in SSD prices and even DRAM prices. However, this report does not mention the power outage and other negative reasons.

Having been intertwined with technology and games from an early age, Fatih is happy to do research and help people.

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