European Union Starts to Support Semiconductor Production

The European Union plans to allocate large budgets to reduce chip imports and strengthen the semiconductor industry. Thus, foreign dependency in the technological field will be reduced.

Semiconductors are used in every technological device we use today. As you know, semiconductor production is a very thin and demanding job. Most European Union countries are joining forces to accelerate advanced semiconductor production for a wide variety of applications.

We can define the main purpose of these countries coming together as follows; using their own semiconductor technologies in many areas from consumer electronics to autonomous vehicles, from machine learning to supercomputers. There is an important war between the USA and China in terms of technological superiority. The European Union will spend at least $ 175 billion to reduce its dependence on these two regions.

This week, 17 member countries, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Romania, issued a joint statement to encourage research and development in the technological field, from semiconductor manufacturing to the assembly of electronics and embedded systems.

The plan will also include the rapid digitization of public infrastructure and healthcare systems, as well as accelerate the deployment of broadband and 5G network services.

Accordingly, a budget of no less than 145 billion euros (175 billion dollars) will be allocated. On the other hand, approximately one-fifth of the union’s Rescue and Resilience Funds will be available for this job. Some of these will be used to improve production capacity and chips using 2nm production technologies.

The European Union is currently a community heavily dependent on chip imports. The new initiative aims to significantly improve the EU’s market position by 2025 and to prepare a completely different silicon production environment by the end of this decade.

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