Tidal Music Service Closed by Court Decision

An access ban was imposed on Tidal, who did not apply for a license within the deadline given by RTÜK.

The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) announced on 9 November that services including Deezer and Tidal should obtain broadcasting licenses. The government agency also allowed 72 hours for organizations to continue broadcasting.

Apparently, no official application has been made by Tidal, and when we want to log into the “tidal.com” address, we encounter an access block.

Tidal Closed for Access

RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin announced that the web-based music streaming service Deezer has applied for a license. In addition, it was emphasized that other organizations that did not apply should start their transactions in a short time. In this context, Deezer is currently operating in our country and we can access the service. Tidal is not accessible through the app and website, and no official statement has yet been received from the company.

Update: After the access ban, a press release came from RTÜK;

RTÜK Press Release

“Our Radio and Television Supreme Council made a warning on 9 November 2020 by announcing the URL addresses that were detected to be broadcast without a broadcast license on the Internet.
In the warning text added to the official website of RTÜK, broadcasters including the URL https://www.tidal.com were clearly stated and they were given 72 hours as required by the legislation to apply for a license.

Upon the announcement made within the scope of Article 10 of the Regulation on the Presentation of Radio, Television and On-Demand Broadcasts on the Internet, titled “Broadcasting services made without a broadcasting license on the Internet”, all platforms other than the publisher in question made the necessary applications. The Supreme Council applied to the judge of peace in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 29 / A of the Law numbered 6112 about the publisher who did not submit his petition containing the application request, and the relevant court decided to block access to the publication in question.

If the said organization applies for the license request, a new process will be initiated to revoke the decision.

It is respectfully announced to the public. “

Having been intertwined with technology and games from an early age, Fatih is happy to do research and help people.

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