Chinese Semiconductor Manufacturer HSMC Closes Its Shutter

HSMC, which is said to have ceased state support, stops its operations before it can start production.

Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (HSMC) announced in 2017 that it will establish a manufacturing facility in Hubei, China. The company’s mission was to put 14nm and 7nm chips into production as early as 2019/2020. But it looks like things didn’t work out.

HSMC has run out of money on news in the EE Times and Southern China Post. The company was taken over by the municipal government and its future is uncertain.

One of the ways for governments to build a world-class industry is to build a large number of local companies and keep them competitive. However, the semiconductor industry is developing every day and it is difficult to keep up with these developments. At the same time, semiconductor companies need to be competitive on a global scale. It is almost impossible for governments to continuously fund large numbers of companies.

Recognizing this, the Chinese government announced this year that it will continue to support only large and eligible semiconductor manufacturers. This means that companies such as SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co.) and Hua Hong will be supported.

HSMC seems to be one of the victims of the decision. The company was supposed to build a $ 20 billion factory and even received multiple loans for it, but things didn’t go as planned.

Chiang Shang-yi, who previously served as head of R&D at TSMC, joined HSMC in 2019. During an interview, the official made the following words:

Investors were short of cash. I was caught off guard. It’s over now and I’ve returned home in California.

My experience with HSMC was unfortunately a nightmare. It’s really hard to describe this in a few words.

We know that the Chinese government supports its companies in many areas in order to be self-sufficient in the technological field. You can take a look at our news that we recently wrote that SMIC, one of the successful companies in this regard, has reached the final stages in the 7nm production process.

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