ASUS Announces NVIDIA DPU and EGX-Based GPU Servers

The partnership with NVIDIA underscores ASUS ‘commitment to providing industry-leading servers and solutions for the new data center computing era.

ASUS, one of the leading IT companies specializing in servers, server motherboards and workstations, announced that it supports the latest GPU, network and security improvements offered by NVIDIA’s platforms with the GPU server series. ASUS will provide high-quality and innovative servers for users’ needs for NVIDIA’s data processing unit (DPU) solutions and NVIDIA’s latest NVIDIA DPUs announced at the GTC 2020 conference. In addition, ASUS servers on the NVIDIA EGX platform stand out for being NVIDIA certified to optimize modern AI workloads from data science to AI training and inference. ASUS provides hardware, software and certification kits to support users in running critical business solutions that deliver superior performance, efficiency, scalability, and security.

ASUS will also provide support for upcoming NVIDIA GPU and network adapter products as they become available, and will add the latest DPU and GPU-based computing platforms to ASUS product lines. ASUS, one of the best in accelerated solutions provider, uses the latest technologies to provide the latest solutions for its customers.

Beyond Artificial Intelligence – NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

NVIDIA introduced NVIDIA® BlueField®-2 DPU, the world’s most advanced data processing unit, offering accelerated networking, improved security, increased storage and best efficiency to every server as part of GTC 2020. Combining the power of ConnectX®-6 Dx SmartNIC with programmable ARM® cores, the BlueField-2 DPU is used for tasks such as storage virtualization, data reduction, threat detection and security isolation. DPU’s software development kit, which has NVIDIA’s Data Center Infrastructure on Chip Architecture (DOCA), is built on open source APIs, software-defined and hardware-accelerated applications for artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, virtualization can be used for microsegmentation and next generation firewalls.

Perfectly tuned to host the latest NVIDIA DPU solutions, ASUS GPU servers feature hardware designed specifically for Artificial Intelligence and HPC. 4 to 8 dual-slot NVIDIA PCIe for various workloads and applications® GPUs are offered. However, ASUS GPU servers provide patented technologies such as Adaptive Topology, which is designed to allow users to change system topology with the ASMB9-iKVM out-of-band server management solution, without the hassle of any hardware configuration or cabling, just like the ASUS ESC8000 G4 server.

NVIDIA EGX platform

The NVIDIA EGX platform hosts systems with optimizations for AI and enterprise infrastructure, built for high-performance training and inference to process real-time streaming data from trillions of IoT sensors. All of this is backed by a rich AI software ecosystem that creates AI and 5G services for smart hospitals, robotic factories, smart homes and more.

ASUS provides several NVIDIA NGC-ready servers: ESC8000 G4, ESC4000 G4, and data science workstations E900 G4 and Pro E800 G4. These models combine the computing power of NVIDIA GPUs with high bandwidth and low latency NVIDIA network solutions. These servers are validated for performance, functionality, scalability and security, allowing IT teams to easily deploy ready-made solutions from the NVIDIA NGC catalog for AI workloads. These servers, along with enterprise-class support, including direct access to NVIDIA experts, maximize user productivity while minimizing system inaccessibility. This enables quick resolution of L1 software problems, while additional support is provided, providing clear remediation paths for L2 and L3 issues. As an NVIDIA-certified partner, ASUS customers have confidence when using ASUS hardware and software solutions with improved performance and can safely run AI workloads – in both small and large configurations.

ASUS servers are known as the leading data center solution for compute performance and power efficiency. ASUS ‘1P and 2P Intel and AMD-based servers continue to reach leading performance with over 700 world records based on SPEC CPU 2017 tests. ASUS also provides servers focused on more efficient power usage. These servers ranked # 1 in SPEC’s Power Green Computing test in both Windows and Linux-based tests, with ASUS-exclusive power-saving technology. ASUS and NVIDIA collaboration will continue to provide customers with comprehensive solutions in AI, HPC and data analysis.

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