Artificial Intelligence Powered Platform for Video Calls from NVIDIA: Maxine

Cloud-based Maxine uses artificial intelligence technologies to provide the best experience in video conferencing.

NVIDIA announced Maxine to improve the video and audio quality of daily conversations with the proliferation of video conferencing. Maxine, a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform, has many features such as resolution scaling, real-time translation, bandwidth consumption reduction, captioning, automatic framing and background noise removal.

The company says it analyzes key face points using artificial intelligence to minimize bandwidth consumption and then recreates the face in the video. With this method, it is claimed that using H.264 compression, bandwidth consumption is reduced by ten times. Thus, while the data sent decreases, internet bandwidth will be used in less amount. As a result, the rate of attenuation of the connection will decrease as data usage drops.

Maxine’s tools also include face alignment and gaze correction functions. Thus, it is ensured that people have a face-to-face meeting with each other during a call and make eye contact with the other person even if the person is not in line with the camera screen.

Buck, vice president and general manager of NVIDIA Accelerated Computing, said about Maxine:

“Videoconferencing is now a part of everyday life and helps millions of people work, learn, play and even see their doctor. Maxine integrates our AI capabilities across all platforms for an enhanced video, audio and speech experience. ”

Owners of RTX graphics cards recently introduced successful features for broadcasters. NVIDIA BroadcastHe started using. We can say that the green team transfers its success in hardware and artificial intelligence to the software world and is doing really successful work.

Some features such as look detection, subtitles, real-time translation, and even animated faces have already been used by various companies. NVIDIA’s Maxine project enables people to use cloud-based tools to take advantage of advanced AI tools without having to buy expensive GPUs.

Artificial intelligence developers, software partners, manufacturers who develop audio / video applications and services, for early access to the NVIDIA Maxine platform can apply here.

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