Companies Formed Coalition To Fight Apple

Developers who find the App Store rules unfair and do not recognize them have formed a group to be stronger against Apple.

If you remember, Apple has had fights with many companies in the past, including Spotify and Epic Games. Now these companies have come together and formed a nonprofit coalition to challenge the tech giant’s App Store platform: Coalition for App Fairness.

It is said that this coalition was founded to “defend freedom of choice and fair competition in the implementation ecosystem”. Currently, the group of 13 organizations all joined hands to fight Apple. We will see in the coming days whether new ones will join them.

Spotify had complained to Apple last year, calling the 30% cut unfair. The music streaming company says “Apple owns a stadium, acts both as a referee and as a player, and is turning the direction of the game in favor of its services.” Separately, Driving between Epic and Apple the big case is still fresh.

The group came together and determined 10 App Store principles among them. These are based on the ability of developers to privately use an app store and unreasonable, discriminatory and unfair fees.

13 Organizations That Came Together

  • Epic Games
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Basecamp
  • Blix
  • EPC – European Publishers Council
  • Match Group
  • News Media Europe
  • Prepear
  • ProtonMail
  • SkyDemon
  • Tile

Having been intertwined with technology and games from an early age, Fatih is happy to do research and help people.

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